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The one about tea towels

by Sanne

When it comes to kitchen decor, tea towels are really underrated. The right towels can add a dash of pastel-colored shabby chic or French country kitchen and work wonders for your kitchen.

I prefer the tea towels in my kitchen to have different styles, but matching colors, but otherwise, I am fairly openminded. I have a whole stack of tea towels at home and I use them for many other things than just drying glasses. Here are some other ways to use tea towels:

If you fold a tea towel once, you have a nice, rustic placemat. Fold it one more time and use it as a trivet.

I have plenty of oven mitts and potholders, but I always end up using a tea towel, to get stuff in and out of the oven.   

When I am lucky to have a piece of Faroese skerpikjøt at home, I always wrap it in a tea towel.

If you put fresh-baked bread in a plastic bag, the moisture condenses and leaves the bread soggy. Wrap the bread in a tea towel instead, after it has cooled off.

Tea towels also looks great as breadbasket or fruit basket liners.

After the tea towel has served its time in the kitchen, it is great for polishing shoes and metalware.

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