NYC: Barnes & Noble Bookstore on Union Square

by Sanne
Barnes & Noble - New York

New York City has so many cozy, independent bookstores, so why go to Barnes & Noble? Well, sometimes size matters, and what Barnes & Noble on Union Square lacks in terms of coolness, they make up for in choice.

The store is huge, and I don’t think I’ve ever asked for a title, which wasn’t available, and my purchases through the years spans wide, from JAY-Zs book to USMLE prep material and a book with poems about New York City. Compared to Denmark, prices are really low and there are often sales, which makes you want to dump your clothes and fill your suitcase with books instead.

You can see that they’ve put a lot of effort in making the multi-story building feel less impersonal, and they’ve also added some nice facilities to make you stay longer. The store has free wi-fi, and there’s a cafe that serves Starbucks coffee, so you can take a latte-break, whenever you need to rest your eyes from browsing the shelves.

Barnes & Noble frequently host book signings and poetry reading so keep an eye on their website and see if something interesting is coming up.

My guide to off-pice shopping and bargain hunting in New York City

Barnes & Noble, Union Square, New York

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