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When it is cold outside, my skin requires a little extra care, and I have discovered that Avène’s Eau Thermal works wonders for my dry, sensitive winter skin. The gray and rainy winter months also calls for a dash of color, and the playful shades from Etude House have recently started invading my bathroom shelf. I’m probably 20 years older than the brand’s target group, but I love the sweet packaging, the bright color scale and the budget friendly price level.

Another fun product that I want to highlight this month is the Vitamin C Glow Revealing Liquid Peel from The Body Shop. I am going through a bottle each month, because I am also using it on my hands and my feet and I love how the dead skin just crumbles off. Finally, there is the liquid eyeliner from Stila, which has been my favorite eyeliner for years. Here is the list of this month’s beauty products, straight from my bathroom to my blog:

Avène Eau Thermale face spray

Avène – Eau Thermale

Expensive thermal spring water in a spray bottle? Sounds, like a scam, but I’m telling you, this is a miracle for my skin. When the weather gets colder I have a tendency to rashes and weird little itchy bumps, but the Thermal Spring Water spray from Avène calms my skin and prevents any outbreaks and rashes. I usually buy the small 50ml bottle but when I saw this big 300ml at the pharmacy, I thought I might as well get that one, because I am using it all the time, and the bigger bottle was a better deal. Though when I’m traveling by plane, I bring one of the small bottles that I can carry in my hand luggage, so my skin does not go crazy from the dry, conditioned air.

The Body Shop, Vitamin C Glow Revealing Liquid Peel

The Body Shop Vitamin C Glow-Revealing Liquid Peel

I have previously tried the FIRMx Exfoliating Peeling Gel from Peter Thomas Roth, and I was looking for a refill, when I found The Vitamin C Glow-Revealing Liquid Peel at The Body Shop. The Vitamin C Peel is similar to the FIRMx, but at a lower price point, and I love it! When massaging into the skin, small clumps start forming and peel away dead skin. To me, this feels gross and strangely satisfying at the same time, and I am always excited to see how many clumps I will be generating. Afterwards, the skin has a nice, fresh glow, but unfortunately, it does not last very long. You can use the Vitamin C peel every day, but I prefer to use it once a week, so I can accumulate a lot of dead skin cells to peel off.

Face Blur Etude House

Etude House – Face Blur

Face Blur is one of my latest finds from Etude House. The light formula smoothes the skin, minimizes the pores and adds a nice glow to my complexion. I think Face Blur is meant to be a primer for your make up, so if you are used to wearing heavier makeup, you might feel a bit naked with Face Blur alone. Though I like the light coverage and the natural look, so I often go to the mall wearing nothing but Face Blur and a colored lip balm (and clothes of course:)).

Berry Delicious cream blusher Etude House

Etude House – Berry Delicious

Berry Delicious is Etude House’s popular series of strawberry-colored cream blushers. Each shade has a strawberry-themed name, and they even smells like (very synthetic) strawberry. I bought the shade called #1 Wild Strawberry, which is nice pink color with a bit of gold shimmer. The blush comes with a flat round application sponge, which is impossible to use, as it picks up way too much color, so I suggest you use your fingertips instead for application.

Stila Stay All Day liquid eye liner,

Stila – Stay All Day Liquid Eye Liner

It took a while before I fell in love with the liquid eyeliner from Stila, because right out of the box, the pen is very runny, and the color seemed thin and watered-out. Though after a while, the pen dries up a little and becomes much easier to work with, so just give it some time, and I’m sure you’ll learn to love it too.

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