Beauty Blog – September 2020

by Sanne
Beauty blog September 2020

I have been writing about beauty before, but to get more consistency, I have decided to write one blog post a month about the beauty products I am currently using, and what I think about them. Here are the products that made it to my bathroom shelf in September:

Beauty blog September 2020

IVY AÏA – Cleansing Oil

I have mixed skin so I have never used cleansing oils before, as I figured it would clog my pores and leave the oily areas even more oily, but when I saw this inexpensive (and vegan!) cleansing oil, I thought I would give it a try. To my big surprise, it does not feel oily at all, but leaves my skin hydrated and clean. 

Beauty blog September 2020


And talking about oil, I have finally managed to finish my bottle of Bio-Oil! I bought it in Hong Kong almost 3 years ago, so as you probably can guess, this never really blew me away. It is not a bad product, but it is also not as amazing as those raving (probably sponsored) online reviews say it is. I don’t like the synthetic smell of it, but I do like the glossy look my legs get after applying.

Beauty blog September 2020

StriVectin-SD – Power Serum

StriVectin is actually a stretch-mark cream, but by coincidence it turned out to be a great anti-age cream too, at least that is how the marketing story goes. I have used it on-and-off for the past 10 years, and I like it a lot. If I use the serum alone it can dry out my skin a bit, so I combine it with a heavier night cream before I go to bed.

Beauty blog September 2020

Clinique – Even Better

During the summer I have been playing a lot of golf in the merciless Dubai sun, and even though I have been using SPF 50 and a sun hat, I still get hyper-pigmented spots in the face. I did not have the time to see the dermatologist before I traveled back to Denmark, so at the airport, I picked up Clinique’s Even Better. The new formula is supposed to be even more efficient (I have tried the old one before with good results), and my dark spots have faded significantly.

Beauty blog September 2020

Philosophy Anti-wrinkle Miracle Worker & Renewed Hope in a Jar

I found these two on sale in the local mall in Denmark, and I am really happy that I bought them. The day cream is a bit runny, and reminds me of sugar frosting, but it feels good on my skin and is readily absorbed, so I can put makeup on immediately after, without having to apply a primer. The night cream is a bit heavier and it is one of the best night creams I have tried for a long time. When I wake up in the morning, my skin looks hydrated and smooth, as if I were already wearing BB-cream. I hope that is a lasting effect.

Beauty blog September 2020

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