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Rikke's beautiful bathroom, skincare after 40
Rikke’s gorgeous bathroom

When you get older, your skin starts losing its elasticity and the first signs of aging are appearing. Some people see this as a natural part of getting older (and wiser), while others find it frustrating no longer to look as young as they feel. Rikke is one of those, who refuse to give up without a fight, and even though she is now in her 40s, she does not look a day over 30. Here is how she keeps her skin looking young:  

Skyland, Stella Di Mare, Dubai Marina

J and I live in the same building but for some reason we haven’t seen each other for more than two months. Not ok! So tonight, we decided to go out for a drinks, no excuses, no change of plans. J had heard about a rooftop bar at Millennium Place and I knew which one she was talking about, as I had been to the opening party of Millennium Place last year.


Today I had lunch at Soul Santé, which is a vegan cafe that showed up on GoogleMaps, when I was searching for vegetarian food in Dubai Marina. The café is just a short walk from where I live, so all the time I was bitching about how Dubai is lacking pure vegetarian restaurants, there was a vegan restaurant just around the corner:)


On New Year’s Eve we had dinner at JB’s Gastropub. The restaurant was just across the street from the beach on JBR, so a couple of minutes before 12, we walked over to watch the fireworks. Compared to the world-famous firework display Downtown at Burj Khalifa, the fireworks at JBR are of a more modest kind, but still an impressive sight.

New Year's Eve dinner at JB's Gastropub Dubai

Happy New Year! For the first time in years, Poul was not working and we were both in Dubai, so we decided to celebrate New Year’s Eve at JB’s Gastropub on JBR. JB’s is just about as close as you get to a local neighborhood restaurant on notoriously touristy JBR, and I like the casual, pub-style atmosphere of the place.

JBR Beach, Dubai

People from all over the world come to Dubai to live and work, and many of the city’s expats are young, single and ready to mingle. Though in spite of that, finding true love in Dubai can be difficult, not to mention very expensive, especially if you are a guy. I have asked my male friend from Denmark, to tell me about dating in Dubai from a guy’s perspective.


Yesterday we ordered home delivery from Bareburger which is a New York burger chain that has become widely popular in Dubai. We wanted to try their vegan burgers which are supposed to be really good, and after browsing the menu for a while (there are eight different vegan burgers to choose among), we decided on the Duchess and the Golden State.