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Recipe: Burmese Banana Wraps – Tea Garden in Mae Sot

by Sanne

These little coconut and banana treats are easy to make and super tasty. The banana leaf functions as natural packaging, which makes the wraps perfect to bring along as a snack for farmers working in the field, or for your lunch box.

Though I prefer eating the wraps, while they are still hot, straight from the steamer. Serve them as a sweet snack after a meal, along with a cup of tea.

Ingredients (6 wraps)

1½ banana

1 cup of wheat flour or rice flour

6 banana leaves

2 tablespoons sugar

1 coconut

1/8 teaspoon salt

1/8 teaspoon baking soda

Grate the coconut and set it aside

Mix banana, rice flour, sugar and salt with your hands until it turns into a uniform liquid mass.

Before the banana leaves are ready to use, you need to wash them and remove any larger stems. If you are using banana leaves straight from the palm tree, you will also need to soften the leaves. This is done by passing the leaves over a gas burner or a gas range, so be careful not to burn your fingers. Another option is to heat the banana leaves in the oven for 5-10 minutes at 200°F. The heat softens the leaves and give them a bright green color, and now they are ready for use.

Wrap the mixture in the banana leaf and fold it.

Steam the banana wraps for 15 minutes.

To see if the wraps are cooked, gently stick a knife through the banana leaf. If the mixture does not leak out, the wraps are ready. It is better to over-steam a bit rather than not steaming enough.

Eat the wraps with fresh, sliced coconut.

Read my blog post about how we got the banana leaves for the wraps

About Tea Garden in Mae Sot, Thailand

Tea Garden is the restaurant at Borderline Collective in Mae Sot. Borderline supports migrants and refugees from Myanmar and the Tea Garden restaurant serves the most delicious Burmese food prepared by chef Nge Nge with love. The restaurant is located in an outdoor garden next to the Borderline Shop, like a quiet oasis just off the main road in Mae Sot and the clientele is a mix of international NGO workers and local Mae Sot residents. All the dishes at the restaurant are vegetarian and a great deal of them are vegan too. Tea Garden also offers cooking classes, so you can learn how to cook the delicious dishes served at the restaurant.

Tea Garden at Borderline Collective, 674/14 Intharakeeree Road, Mae Sot, Thailand

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