NYC: Brooklyn Ice Cream Factory

by Sanne
Brooklyn Ice Cream factory

One of our last days in the city, we took the subway to Court St. at noon, and walked along the water to Fulton Ferry Pier, where the picturesque Brooklyn Ice Cream Factory is situated. 

After an ice cream break with the spectacular view of Manhattan in the background, we took a walk around the Dumbo area (short for Down Under the Manhattan Bridge Overpass), which is one of New York’s trendy, upcoming areas, known for its artistic environment. However, except for a couple of galleries we did not see a lot of that, but it was no doubt a wonderful area, where I would have liked to spend more time.

Brooklyn Ice Cream Factory is located down by the water just next to Brooklyn Bridge. This is the place to go for some of the best ice cream you’ll find in New York. If the weather is nice, I’ll take the subway over to Clark St., High St, or York St. From these stations, there’s only a short walk down to Brooklyn Ice Cream Factory. I’ll then enjoy a scoop or two in the sun, before I start walking back to Manhattan over Brooklyn Bridge.

Brooklyn Ice Cream Factory only uses the very best ingredients, and the taste is creamy and delicious. I love their Peaches & Cream ice cream with chunks of fresh peaches, but the milkshakes are also very good.

On sunny days, the line in front of the ice cream shop quickly builds up, and Brooklyn Ice Cream Factory is popular both among locals and tourists. Eat your ice cream outside on the wooden pier and enjoy the view of the bridge and Manhattan’s skyline.

• Cash payment only.

• There is also another branch in Greenpoint, Brooklyn.

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Brooklyn Ice Cream Factory, 97 Commercial Street at Manhattan Avenue, Brooklyn, New York

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