NYC: Cafe Wha? – A fun night out

by Sanne
Cafe Wha? New York

It was my friend Tina, who introduced me to this awesome spot in Greenwich Village. Claiming to be the place where musicians such as Bob Dylan and Bruce Springsteen commenced their careers, Café Wha? does not have any problems attracting partygoers.

We went there after a dinner at an upscale restaurant, and we were completely overdressed. This is a jeans-and T-shirt kind of place but nonetheless lots of fun. Get a table reservation at one of the nights (Wed-Sun), where the Café Wha? House Band is performing, and get ready to dance and sing and drink Jäger Bombs until 3 am in the morning.

There is a cover charge ($5-15 depending on the day) and a 1-drink minimum and the drinks are a bit pricey. There are usually 2 shows during the evening, but check the schedule on the Cafe Wha? website to see what’s on.

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Cafe Wha?, 115 MacDougal St, Greenwich Village, New York

Cafe Wha? New York