NYC: The Delancey – Nice rooftop bar in Lower East Side

by Sanne

The Delancey is a nice, laid-back bar in Lower East Side. The street level entrance leads to the main dance floor and the bar, but in the summertime, just proceed directly one stair up to the rooftop bar, which is the reason why you came.

The rooftop is lush and green with palm trees and plenty of seating areas. There’s also a bar on the rooftop, but there’s no music, so this is primarily a place to chill and mingle, but if you feel like dancing, you can always go downstairs.

Even though The Delancey is a rooftop bar, you shouldn’t expect any breathtaking views. The Delancey is located right next to, and slightly underneath the Williamsburg Bridge, so the only thing you’ll see is the dense traffic on the road leading over the bridge.

Drinks at The Delancey are served in plastic mugs and they are really cheap compared to other rooftops in the city. The basement now and then hosts live performances, and there’s sometimes a cover charge, depending on who’s playing.

The dress code at The Delancey is vaguely defined as “appropriate attire”. I’ve been there in flats and a casual dress, and I almost felt overdressed as most other girls that night were wearing jeans. The crowd is mostly hip locals in their 20’s and 30’s and the bouncers are really nice and friendly.

• Check out The Delancey’s website to see what’s going on the night you plan to visit.

The Delancey, 168 Delancey Street, Lower East Side, New York

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