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by Sanne
Dermalogica - New York

I love Dermalogica (who doesn’t??) but the products are really expensive in Scandinavia, so I make sure I visit the Dermalogica store in SoHo to stock up on cleansers, masques and moisturizers, whenever I’m in New York City.  Compared to Scandinavia, savings can be as large as 40% and the range of products are much larger than what I’ve seen at the few stores, which sells Dermalogica in Scandinavia.

Dermalogica in SoHo is one of the brand’s so-called Concept Spaces and there are plenty of licensed skin therapists to guide you to the right products for your skin type. If you’re not sure what skin type you are, then ask for a free Face Mapping. I had one last time I was there and found out that my skin, contrary to what I thought, needed a lot of moisture, but no anti-age yet (yay!). Different kinds of skin treatments are also available at reasonable prices.

Maybe it’s because I always buy lots of stuff, but my impression is that Dermalogica in Soho are very generous with the samples. Last time I was there, I happened to tell them that later that day, I would board my flight back to Dubai. When I checked out, the skin therapists handed me a sample of their hydrating masque (along with a bunch of other samples) and suggested that I applied it before my flight to prevent my skin from drying out. Really thoughtful of her and the mask turned out to be so good that it’s now a part of my weekly skin care routine.

• In addition to the SoHo branch, there’s also a Dermalogica Academy in Chelsea, which offers skin treatments and waxing services.

• Dermalogica in SoHo is located in a very nice area in the city with lots of great shopping, restaurants and cafés, such as Cafe Select on Lafayette street.

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Dermalogica, 110 Grand Street, SoHo, New York, Tel: +1 (212)-219-9800

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