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Hello NYC! Let’s start with a bagel at Zucker’s

by Sanne
The Everything Bagel at Zucker's New York City

I’m back in NYC! As a matter of fact, I have been here for almost two days, but I have stayed under the radar, so I could get through my jet lag before making any plans.

Sometimes I avoid telling my friends that I am in the city until a day or two after I have arrived. It is wonderful to have a couple of days when I can sleep when I want and eat when I want, without stressing over meeting with people and being social. Besides, I am much more pleasant company, when I’m not jet-lagged:)

For breakfast I went to Zucker’s around the corner and had an Everything Bagel with cream cheese. An Everything bagel is a bagel with several kinds of toppings, such as garlic and poppy seeds, and if I’m just having a bagel with cream cheese, this is my favorite kind of bagel.

Zucker’s also have some really nice smoked salmon, but for early morning breakfast, I prefer plain cream cheese. The coffee at Zucker’s is from La Colombe (really nice coffee), so I also got a Cappuccino to go. Bagels in New York City are the best in the world, and for those of you who are interested, I’ve made a guide to all my favorite bagels places around Manhattan.

Zucker’s Bagel & Smoked Fish, 370 Lexington Ave, New York

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