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Fair Fashion & Korea Skincare - Snacks, tea and chocolate

Ketut Riyanti

A female tailor and fashion designer in Ubud, Bali

Upcycled silk and handwoven cotton. Fair fashion from Bali.

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Korean Skincare

Clean beauty from Korea

Science-based skincare with natural ingredients.

Snacks, Chocolate & Tea

Artisanal tea, snacks, and chocolate made from good, clean, ingredients. Tasty & delicious.

Hair Accessories

From Thailand, Cambodia and Bali

Beautiful bows, scrunchies and french barrettes. Sustainable & fair.

Tea Towels

Weavers in Cambodia

Handwoven tea towels in beautiful colors and patterns.


Sustainable Korean design

Bags and totes made from sustainable materials. Vegan leather and cork.

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