NYC: Big Gay Ice Cream – My summer with Salty Pimps

by Sanne
Big Gay Ice Cream, New York

Big Gay ice Cream is probably one of the most hyped ice cream shops in New York right now, but there’s much more to it than a funny name and a rainbow-colored logo. On my first visit, I had a Salty Pimp, and I was immediately hooked. The Salty Pimp is vanilla ice cream with dulce de leche and sea salt injections. Everything is covered in melted chocolate. What else can a girl ask for?

I think I’ve had 20 Salty Pimps or more this summer, because even though I tell myself that I should try something else, I change my mind when I enter the store and end up ordering yet another Salty Pimp.

Big Gay Ice Cream started as an ice cream truck back in 2009, but now there are two Big Gay Ice cream shops in New York. The one in East Village in September 2011 and the one in West Village opened in 2012. I’ve been to them both, and while the Salty Pimp standard is the same, the shop in West Village is usually the most crowded one, with people lining up out on the street.

• If you want to try something else than Salty Pimp, I’ve heard that the Bea Arthur is supposed to be really good too. If I ever get tired of Salty Pimp, I’ll try that one someday.

•  There’s also a Big Gay Ice Cream cookbook, for those who want to learn more about rainbow ice cream making.

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Big Gay Ice Cream West Village location61 Grove Street (at 7th Ave. South), Tel: 212-533-9333

East Village Location125 East 7th Street (between 1st Avenue & Avenue A), Tel: 212-414-0222

> Visit Big Gay Ice Cream’s website

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