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New York: Bloomie Nails, not Bloomingdales

Bloomie Nails, New York

We had read about Bloomie Nails in a guide book, but we couldn’t find the place, so we asked for directions, but a lot of people thought we meant Bloomingdales, not Bloomie Nails:)

Compared to Denmark, it is a lot cheaper to get your nails done in New York, so this is a luxury I often allow myself, when I’m visiting. Though finding a nice salon, which is still affordable can be quite a challenge. When I was in New York this year, I tried Bloomie Nails, and I was so happy with the place that I’ve decided to blog about it.

Bloomie Nails is a chain of manicure salons with branches all over New York. Their salons are nice and clean and the nails technicians seem skilled and fast. An ordinary manicure is around $17, but do not forget to tip.

Bloomie Nails, New York

Due to a calculation error, Cecilia tipped a lot less than the lady, who did her nails expected, which resulted in a very fast finishing of her nails (no neck-rubbing for her) and a premature translocation to the bench, where she could sit and wait for the polish to dry. Cecilia apologized and handed the nail technician the correct tip (20%) as we left.

In addition to a broad range of manicures and pedicures, Bloomie Nails also offer different kinds of spa treatments, and if you have a secret passion for celebrity spotting, you might want to look out since Bloomie Nails according to the posters on the walls, have a lot of famous regulars.

Bloomie Nails, 44 W 55th Street Midtown, New York



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