New York: Dani Barker – Follow Her!

by Sanne
Dani Barker - Follow Her - Psychological thriller

Dani Barker is a Canadian actress/writer/producer, who has made a career as a moviemaker in New York. Some of you might know Dani from Starvival, which was a popular YouTube show that she did in the beginning of her career.

The show was picked up by TBS and changed to the name of The Unprofessionals, which was about four friends trying to make a living off odd jobs they find on Craigslist. The Unprofessionals brought a lot of other opportunities for Dani, including her new project, Follow Her, which is a psychological thriller, partly based on her Starvival/The Unprofessionals character:

About Follow Her: An aspiring actress responds to a mysterious classified ad and finds herself trapped in her new boss’s twisted revenge fantasy . The film will change the way we view social media and how so many people measure their success by online popularity. It highlights the loss of control and sense of self in the hunt for online validation and instant gratification. Further exemplifying how easy it is to be vulnerable to addictive apps and online trends that promise glamour and a strong supportive online community.

Now that’s a movie right down my alley! I was therefore super excited when Dani sent me a link to the Follow Her reel, late Saturday night a couple of weeks ago, but I am such a chicken when it comes to thrillers, especially when I am home alone and it is dark outside. Though I was also curious to see what the movie was about, so I clicked the link. It freaked me out! I did not dare to watch the reel to the end but had to pause it and watch the rest of it in daylight the morning after. Can’t wait to watch the full movie!

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