New York City: Introducing The Incoherents

by Sanne
The Incoherents, rock and roll movie, New York

A couple of years back, I bumped into Alex Emanuel at a party in Brooklyn. He’s an actor in New York, and he always has a bunch of exciting things going on. Recently, I saw he was posting on Facebook about a movie project, The Incoherents, which he is a part of. I went to their site and checked it out, and I loved what I saw.

The Incoherents is a rock and roll comedy, but the movie is also about aging, relationships and following your dreams. It’s a crowdfunded project, which means that they really need to get the word out there, because without funding, no movie. The movie is set in New York, because, as Jeff Auer (writer and producer) puts it:

“Rock n roll wasn’t invented in New York.  Neither was the cinema.  But who can imagine either without the Big Apple’s impact.  Which begs the question – what is the great New York rock n roll film?  Dylan did Don’t Look Back in his Greenwich Village heyday but that was ninety minutes of him being cranky across England.  What about Kiss Meets The Phantom Of The Park and Rock N Roll High School starring The Ramones?  Queens represents!  Except they were made in California.  And nobody was asking for the sequel.  Where is the movie shot in and around New York City with rock n roll at its center – the scene, the music, the people, the quest?  This film, hard to believe, does not exist.  THE INCOHERENTS plans to fill that void.”

Sounds promising, right? I know some of you are probably thinking that indie movies aren’t your jam, and I agree that some indie movies might be a bit too weird artsy, but not this one. The Incoherents is fun, cool and absolutely brilliant. Check out the trailer below and I’m sure you will agree.

They’re shooting the movie this very moment, and they need all the support they can get. You can help them by making a donation through The Incoherents’ Indiegogo site, and yes, there are perks: If you donate 25USD or more, your name will be included in the movie’s “Thank You” section of the end credit, and 100 USD will get you an invite to the premiere, which will be in either LA or New York.

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