New York: The Modern – NYC Restaurant Week

by Sanne
The Modern at MoMA, New York

It’s restaurant week in New York, and Ehsan had managed to score a table at The Modern Dining Room, which is the 1 Michelin star (2010) restaurant at MoMA. We had an amazing three-course menu consisting of three delicious appetizers, a main dish and dessert. The absolute highlight of the menu was the lobster tails with bacon, but all the dishes were amazing in their own way. The Modern Dining Room is facing the Abbey Aldrich Rockefeller Sculpture Garden, and the restaurant is such a beautiful place.

Regarding fine dining and expensive wine, I am usually a bit ambivalent since I am not always sure that I am sophisticated enough to really appreciate it. Of course, I can taste whether the food is good or bad based on criteria such as if the food is burnt or has too much salt, and whether the meat is difficult to chew or melts in your mouth, but when the standard is above a certain level, it gets more difficult . I mean, how do you assess whether the food is super good or just extremely good?

Right now, with the taste impressions still fresh in mind, I think the Modern is the absolute best restaurant I’ve ever dined at, but even though The Modern was a great experience, it will probably take a while before I visit a Michelin restaurant again. Mostly because it would be really bad for my travel budget if my tasting buds get too accustomed  to such exquisite (and pricey) food.

The Modern at MoMA, 9 W 53rd St, Midtown, New York

> In 2012 I dined at The Modern for the second time. Read about it here.