NYC: 375º Thrice Cooked Fries – Lower East Side’s Best Fries

by Sanne
375 Thrice Cooked Fries, New York

375º Thrice Cooked Fries is just across the street and when it comes to fries, I’m easy to lure inside. Especially when the fries are perfectly golden, heavenly crispy and among the best I’ve ever had. When I say thrice cooked you probably think of fries going up and down the frying oil 3 times in a row, but there’s more to it. First the fries at 375º are steamed and then lightly cooked. Then they are frozen before they’re cooked again at 375º, because apparently, 375º is the ideal oil temperature for cooking fries.

I say potato and you say potato but there’s no doubt that the potatoes at 375º are top notch. I read on their website that the potatoes they use are from Idaho, and a little further online research made it clear that Idaho potatoes are the rock stars of potatoes. That is, you want your fries to be made from Idaho potatoes.

The fries come which different kinds of toppings, and while I’ve been eyeing up the Swedish Poutine (with Swedish meatballs) and Bahn Mi (“like a Vietnamese sandwich with fries”) I always end up ordering the ordinary fries, which are served in a paper cone with sauces on the side. You can choose between Belgian fries (thick-cut) or classic French Fries and there are three different portion sizes. The fries and the sauces are very filling, so a Regular is usually enough for me. The sauces are $1.25 each, but there are so many tempting flavors, that one isn’t enough. Trust me, you’ll end up ordering 3 for $3.5. Not sure which ones to choose? White Truffle Mayo, Chipotle-Tomatillo Ketchup and Cheddar Cheese are all safe bets I think everybody would love.

375º Thrice Cooked Fries, 124 Ludlow Street, Lower East Side, New York

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