Brave – A Japanese Hair Salon in NYC

by Sanne
Brave, Japanese hair salon in NYC

I think I’ve previously told you how bad I am, when it comes to getting a haircut. I always come up with a million excuses and end up postponing and postponing, and last time I went to the hairdresser was in Seoul…in December 2016!

It’s just that I’m very attached to my hair, and I feel naked, when it’s cut off. Silly, I know, but no matter how little I ask the hairdresser to cut off, I always end up with shorter hair, than what I wanted.

The best hair salon experiences I’ve had, have been in Bangkok and Tokyo, probably because they know how to handle my coarse, Asian hair. So one of my main excuses for not getting my hair done, is that “I’ll get it done when I’m in Tokyo/Bangkok”, but yesterday, I walked by Brave, a Japanese salon in Upper East Side. A Japanese hair salon in New York, that would do, wouldn’t it? Turned out they had a 40% off for first time customers, so I decided that now was the time. The time for my annual haircut.

It was a really nice place and the staff was super friendly and seemed genuinely interested in understanding what I was after (please don’t cut too much off!). Regarding my hair, the tradeoff is between getting rid of the split ends, and not ending up with a much shorter length than I’m prepared for, and at Brave, they somehow managed to accomplish that.

When I left, they politely reminded me that it might be a good idea to not let it be 12 month until my next visit. Maybe, I would consider coming back in two months, to keep my hair looking healthy? And you know what? I think I might.

Brave, 138 East 61St #203 , Upper East Side, New York

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