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NYC: Brunch with Julie at La Pecora Bianca

by Sanne

I think I’ve previously told you how many nice friends I have met through Instagram, but before Instagram (yes, that’s a long time ago), I’ve also been blessed with a bunch of new friends through my blog (yes, old people like me still blog), and Julie, who writes the blog Jewelswandering.com, is one of them. We have known each other for years online, but we have never met in real life. Even though we both travel a lot, and even though many of our trips have been to the same places, we have always managed to miss each other, sometimes with as little as a day or two.

Recently, Julie moved back to NYC after being an expat in Singapore for many years, so when I was in the city earlier this month, we finally got to meet.

For our first date, we decided on brunch at The Smith, but Julie arrived a couple of minutes before me and WhatsApp’ed me that the place was full with a 45-minute wait. Luckily, this stretch of 2nd avenue isn’t exactly deprived of good brunch spots, so we went to the neighbor restaurant La Pecora Bianca instead.

I am the worst when it comes to food FOMO, so I always try to be the last person at the table to order. Then I can always change my mind, if someone orders something that sounds better than what I ‘m planning on having. Julie’s pasta sounded good, but I decided to stick with my yogurt and granola. Big mistake. While the yogurt was nice, the Garganelli was just awesome, and hey, who goes to an Italian restaurant to eat yogurt? (except from me). Should have gone for the pasta.  For dessert we shared a plate of nice and fluffy ricotta pancakes which we both liked. Super delicious. I don’t think I’ve ever had bad ricotta pancakes, so I’m wondering what makes ricotta such a good pancake ingredient?  

Best pancakes ever? Must be the Lemon Ricotta Pancakes at Gjelina on Abbot Kinney Blvd, LA

La Pecora Bianca, 950 2nd Ave, New York

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