NYC: Beef Deluxe Pho at An Choi

by Sanne
Pho Beef Deluxe at An Choi, Vietnamese restaurant, New York City

Trine is visiting in NYC right now, and for her first dinner in the city, I took her to An Choi, which is a Vietnamese restaurant on Orchard Street. I’ve previously only been to An Choi during daytime, and it’s never been more busy than I’ve been able to walk right in and get a table. In the evening, it’s a different case, as the restaurant not only draws the pho-craving crowd but also a good amount of neighborhood hipsters down to go out.

We spent the waiting time drinking soda chanh in the bar, while discussing where or not that snake in the bottle was real, and after 20 minutes, they had a table for us. We ordered a bowl of pho to share, a selection of rice paper rolls and Pork Belly Steamed Buns. Our pho was a Beef Deluxe, so in addition to the usual thin slices of beef, we also had oxtail and beef balls competing for the space in the fully loaded bowl. The soup was tasty, and the condiments and herbs served on the side were plenty and fresh. The oxtail was a nice touch I haven’t seen at other places, and I could have it all to myself, as Trine couldn’t get herself to eat it. She’s the same with tongue and trotters, but for some reason, she doesn’t mind eating liver and kidneys, which I usually struggle with.

I really liked the after-dark version of An Choi. It might be a hipster hangout, but the food is good and the flavors are authentic. It would have been a perfect place to start a night out, but after we had finished our food, jetlag kicked in, and we went back home to sleep instead. Welcome to NYC Sister T!

An Choi, 85 Orchard Street (between Broome St & Grand St), Lower East Side, New York