NYC: Blue Light at The Lately – Happy Halloween!

by Sanne
NYC Halloween 2017

Happy Halloween! Saturday night, my roommates and I celebrated Halloween a couple of days in advance. None of us had thought about costumes, but after a couple of drinks, one of the roommates found a black wig and wanted me to be Uma Thurman in Pulp Fiction. I wasn’t so sure about that, so I suggested that I could be Asian JAY-Z instead.

Around 1am we went to Chelsea where we ended up at Blue Light, which is the lounge bar one stair up at The Lately. Halloween is huge in the U.S. and all bars and clubs had Halloween parties. There were so many people out that night, but luckily one roommate was well-connected, so we could skip the line and go upstairs, where we had a table waiting for us. It’s been such a long time since I was out clubbing like this, and we had so much fun! I know I’ve said that I feel too old for clubbing, but this was a great night out.

Blue Light is only open Friday and Saturday. The lounge is a bit more upscale than The Lately downstairs, and the people also seemed a bit older than at most other places in Meatpacking/Chelsea. The stairs leading up to Blue Light is in the back of the room at The Lately.

Blue Light (above The Lately), 357 West 16th Street, 2nd Floor, Chelsea, New York

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