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NYC: Nordic Crisps – What the Hungry Bird Eats

by Sanne
Hungry Bird Eats, Foodworks, NYC

Advertisement – Hungry Bird Eats: If you’ve been reading this blog for a while, you probably remember my friend Tina in NYC. She has always been a big foodie and a very talented hobby chef, so when she told me that she had started her own Nordic crisps brand, Hungry Bird Eats, I was more excited than I was surprised.

The Nordic crisps, or knækbrød, as we call it in Denmark, are healthy crackers and the ones Tina make are packed with seeds and baked with olive oil. They’re free from additives, super tasty and highly addictive. I eat them as a snack on the go, but they’re even better together with cheese.

Tina bakes the crisps at a kitchen in Brooklyn which also functions as a hub for culinary entrepreneurs, providing a nourishing framework for interaction and support among the members. The more I heard about it, the more curious I got, so I asked Tina, if I could come by one day? Of course, I could, how about Saturday morning?

I arrived just in time to see Eric from The Awkward Scone pull out a batch of his piping hot kolache from the oven. Did we want to try one? Yes please! Freshly baked buns are always a hit, but these ones with cheese and jalapenos were outright amazing.

Then Tina started baking the crisps, while I was cheering from the sidelines. It was a pleasure to watch her in action, and her enthusiasm was contagious. These days, business has really started taking off, and she’s working extremely long hours, but with her mindset and such a great product there’s no doubt that she’s bound to succeed. So in a couple of years, when everybody knows Hungry Bird Eats, remember, that you first read about Tina and her crisps on my blog:)

> Read more about Hungry Bird Eats and shop the products here

I wrote this blog post on my own initiative and I haven’t received any compensation except for a couple of freshly baked crisps, which I couldn’t keep my hands off, and the jalapeno buns I mentioned from The Awkward Scone. The post is marked as advertisement in order to adhere to current Danish guidelines concerning online marketing.

The other beautiful girl in the photos is Sini Hill, a NYC-based model and actress from Finland.

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