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NYC: The Vessel – Hudson Yards

by Sanne
The Vessel Hudson Yards, New York City

Jessica and J came to see me in Midtown, and I suggested that we went for a walk to Hudson Yards and the Vessel. If you’re on Instagram you’ve probably already seen thousands of photos of the Vessel, because since it opened in March last year, everyone with a feed seems to have been there. Everyone except me.

One inch on GoogleMaps turned out to be around 15 blocks in real life, so it took a bit longer to get there than expected. We took the mandatory shots and then we all started wondering how we could get up there and see the view. Though for the Vessel you need a ticket, and when we arrived the tickets for that day were long gone.

The High Line runs right in front of the Vessel, so after we were done with snapping photos and regretting that we did not look up the ticket-thing before we went, we took a walk along the High Line instead. In Chelsea, we had pizza at Famous Original Ray’s Pizza. If you have been to New York, you know there are many, many Ray’s pizzas and everyone claim to be the original. I don’t know about the originality of Famous Original Ray’s Pizza, but the slices were nice, and the seating area was rather big for a pizza shop in New York City.

Later on, we went back to Hudson Yards again and had a drink at Mercado Little Spain, which is a Spanish food market at the lower level in the Hudson Yards mall. It was really crowded, but we managed to find a table where we could have our drinks. Nice way to end the day, and good to see Jessica and J and new friend R.  

The Vessel was an impressive sight and I am happy that we went, but if you are thinking about visiting remember to go early. The free tickets are only available for the same day (a small number is also available for the next 14 days), but you can book the $10 Flex Pass tickets up to 6 months in advance.  

Vessel, Hudson Yards, New York

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