Skincare after 40 – How to deal with early signs of aging?

Rikke's beautiful bathroom, skincare after 40
Rikke’s gorgeous bathroom

When you get older, your skin starts losing its elasticity and the first signs of aging are appearing. Some people see this as a natural part of getting older (and wiser), while others find it frustrating no longer to look as young as they feel. Rikke is one of those, who refuse to give up without a fight, and even though she is now in her 40s, she does not look a day over 30. Here is how she keeps her skin looking young:  

How have your beauty routines changed over the years?

Overall, my beauty routines have not changed that much. I used to work in Matas (Danish beauty chain) before I became a cabin crew, and I started using very expensive skincare products, when I was in my early 20s. It was a bit overkill, because when you are young, you do not need all that fancy stuff. A good moisturizer would have been sufficient, but I was using high-end day cream, night cream, masks and serum.

I have always had long thick hair, but after I went through a very stressful period in my life, my hair started breaking and falling off. I take Priorin, Vitamin B and Silica to strengthen my hair. I am not sure whether it is working or not, but I’m thinking it doesn’t hurt to try, and I hope my hair will eventually regain its strength and volume.

Except for Priorin, Vitamin B and Silica, I don’t take any dietary supplements. I started drinking collagen, but I stopped after a while, because I did not really see any results.

When I was in my 20s I used to take Imedeen tablets, and I regret that I stopped, because everybody I know, who has been taking Imedeen for many years, has really great skin today.

A couple of years ago I started with Botox and fillers. I don’t think it’s such a big deal, as most of my friends are doing it too. It is quick and easy, just like going for a cup of coffee, and really nothing special. Every three months I also go for a facial with hyaluronic acid injections, and it is really working wonders on my skin. In the weeks after, my skin has this great luster and feels deeply moisturized.

Rikke’s beauty advice to the 20-year-old Rikke

  • Stop tanning! When looking back, this is the only thing I really regret, but back then, nobody was aware of how harmful excessive tanning could be.
  • Red eye shadow makes you look like you have been crying, and cobalt blue eyeliner is dead ugly, so don’t go there, no matter what the current trends dictate.
My friend Rikke's bathroom shelf

Rikke’s beauty routine


In the morning I use a moisturizing serum from Chanel. Before putting on makeup, I apply a layer of Dermalogica Age with SPF 50, to keep my skin protected from the sun.

I know everybody is raving over facial sprays and primer sprays, but I don’t like the splash of water over my makeup. Instead I prefer to prepare my skin properly before applying makeup. The Out of Trouble mask from Origins makes my skin look great.

It’s always a pain to remove makeup before bedtime, so I just want something really quick and simple. Right now, I am using Filorga Micellar Solution and the eye-makeup remover is from Chanel, which are both really great products that I am very happy with. After removing my makeup, I use the serum and eye cream from Bioline Age.

Rikke's skincare products


A good foundation is crucial if you want your makeup to last all day. I currently use Clarins Skin Illusion, which is also a good moisturizer. Then I dust a light layer of powder from Bare Minerals over my face. Applying too much powder can make the makeup look cakey, so if I need to cover up a spot or a blemish, I use a concealer.  

I love the eye shadows from MAC and the mascaras from YSL. During daytime, I wear lipgloss (Dolly from Buxom is my favorite shade ever!), but when I go out at night, I usually put on lipstick. Some types of lipsticks can feel very dry on your lips, but the ones from Clarins are soft and smooth, and the lipsticks from Chanel are also nice. They might be a bit more expensive than other brands, but that is one of the small luxuries in life that I would not be without. My latest lipstick purchase is from YSL, and it seems promising too. I don’t remember the name of the shade, but it is a neutral, a bit like Dolly from Buxom.

My Danish friend Rikke in Sweden

I have known Rikke since 2001, when we were in the same batch of new cabin crew at Maersk Air in Billund. Together, we have traveled to Tokyo, New York, Bangkok, Taipei and LA, and when I got married in Las Vegas, Rikke was my bridesmaid.

Rikke now lives in Sweden and she has just moved to a beautiful apartment with her boyfriend. Even though we have been in different countries for most of the time that we have known each other, we have always managed to keep in touch, and she is one of my closest and oldest friends.

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