Athens Central Market – Fish, meat and vegetables

by Sanne
Athens Central Market

I love markets, so while Poul were resting at the hotel, preparing for his flight, I went to see the Central Market in Athens. The market is divided into different sections. East of Athinas Street, there’s the fish market and the meat market, and west of Athinas Street  there’s the fruit and vegetable market.Compared to other, more gentrified markets I’ve visited around Europe, Athens Central Market seemed very authentic and real.

I started with a walk through the meat section, where you could buy all sorts of cuts from primarily beef and lamb. I know it’s ridiculous, but after my parents’ got Bølle (the cutest dog on earth), I no longer feel like eating lamb chops or anything else Bølle-sized, and if I see anything that could have been Bølle legs or Bølle ribs, I feel disgusted. So silly, I know, but I can’t help it.

At the vegetable section I bought fresh apricots and tomatoes. I also tasted a lot of different kinds of olives, until settling on a black, very mild-tasting kind, which I bought half a kilo of. Edible souvenirs are the best!

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