NYC: Biergarten at The Standard

by Sanne
Biergarten at The Standard, New York

Biergarten at The Standard is a hugely popular outdoor beer garden. The bartenders don’t accept cash. Instead you pay for drinks and food with tickets, which you purchase at a separate booth. Each ticket is $8 and can be spent on German sausages, pretzels and draft beer. The atmosphere at Biergarten is usually very friendly and accommodating and the settings are perfect for socializing and meeting new friends.

I don’t think there’s a dress code, but in the weekends you’ll see that most people are surprisingly up-dressed. Usually it’s because Biergarten is a popular place to start the evening before proceeding to the swanky Meatpacking clubs. Later in the evening, this is also the go-to place for those, who didn’t make it past the velvet ropes at the other Meatpacking venues.

On weekends, the place is usually too crowded for my liking, but during weekdays, it’s a perfect spot for an after-work/afternoon beer, especially in the summer. During weekdays it’s also easier to get a table and you don’t have to wait for hours to place your order.

• There’s a ping pong table

• In the winter, Biergarten is glass-enclosed and there are heaters, so you don’t get cold.

Biergarten at The Standard, Meatpacking District, New York City

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