NYC: Mission Cantina (CLOSED) – Lower East Side

by Sanne
Mission Cantina, New York Guide

Update: Mission Cantina is now closed

When I visited New York in June 2015, Mission Cantina was just on my way to the subway station from where I was staying, and I couldn’t help notice how popular this place seemed to be. Though it wasn’t until one of the last days in the city, I finally managed to visit Mission Cantina myself.

I had the Snow Crab Tostada and it was delicious, but I regret that I didn’t try one of their burritos, which are supposed to be really good too. The rest of the menu at Mission Cantina is a range of playful versions of Californian-style Mexican food including tacos and ceviche, and the menu changes frequently, but expect to spend $20-$30 + drinks in the evening.

It’s difficult to miss the Noma-sign on the wall (Noma is a world-famous Danish restaurant), and after a while spent speculating what on earth that sign was doing there, I decided to ask one from the staff. Turned out that it was a present from Noma. Cool!

Mission Cantina is probably one of the most popular new eateries on Lower East Side, but the crowd is more hip than glam, so you’ll probably see more ripped denim than high heels and dresses.

• Mission Cantina is perfect for: Late night dining with cocktails

Mission Cantina is closed, but you can visit the sister restaurant Mission Chinese. They have really nice, modern Chinese food