NYC: Morgan’s Barbecue – Beef Brisket in Brooklyn

by Sanne
Morgan's Barbecue, Brooklyn, New York

Before the JAY-Z concert, Poul and I had dinner at Morgan’s Barbecue, which is only a short walk from Barclays Center. When it comes to food in New York, barbecue might not be the first thing you think of, but in recent years several really good barbecue spots have popped up in Brooklyn in particular. Thanks to Leah, I’ve now tried most of them, but I found Morgan’s myself. The food was really good (especially the fatty beef brisket) and Morgan’s Barbecue is a great choice, if you’re looking for a nice meal before heading to a concert in Barclays.

We were supposed to meet with Jessica and Jerrell before the concert, but because of traffic, they were almost 2 hours late, and they only made it to the concert right before it started. After the concert we met outside. I consider myself a big JAY-Z fan, but Jessica’s husband Jerrell is an even bigger fan, so after the concert we were both JAY-Z high and went on and on about how awesome it had been.

The photos in this post aren’t the best because you weren’t allowed to bring cameras to the concert, so I only had my iPhone with me.

Morgan’s Barbecue, 267 Flatbush Avenue, Brooklyn, New York

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