NYC: Just me and Brooklyn Bridge

by Sanne
Brooklyn Bridge, New York

I reached Brooklyn Bridge just in time to see the sun peek over the horizon. I’ve walked across Brooklyn Bridge many times before, but never so early in the morning. The bridge is usually packed with people but at this time of the day, it was almost empty.

Watching Manhattan go from 50 shades of gray to a warm, golden hue was a sight worth popcorn and fireworks, but I had neither at hand, so I reached for my camera instead. I had plenty of time and space to go camera-crazy, so if you spotted someone completely entangled in camera straps on Brooklyn Bridge Friday morning around 6:30, it was probably me.

I would usually start the walk across the bridge on the Manhattan side, and end up at Brooklyn Ice Cream Factory underneath the bridge on the Brooklyn side. There I’ll have a scoop of the delicious peach ice cream (best in the world!), before I start my walk back.

Though this time, I didn’t walk all the way across the bridge, because Brooklyn Ice Cream Factory doesn’t open until 12, so my main incentive was gone. Besides it was a bit too cold for ice cream, so I turned around halfway, and walked back to Manhattan to have breakfast instead.

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