NYC: Oh what a night! One of those epic nights out

by Sanne
Washington Square Park, New York

You know it’s been a great night out, when you don’t want to go home and end up having Korean food at 4 in the morning, but let’s start from the beginning, or wait, let’s start after our dinner at Saikai:

After Saikai we walked through Washington Square Park down to The Dove on Thompson Street to meet Alex. Washington Square Park seems to be packed with people in the summertime, no matter what time it is, and this was also the case that night. It’s such a nice place, but man, that weed smell was everywhere!

The Dove was closing for good a couple of days later and Alex  had decided to go every single night in the week before the closure. We stayed at The Dove for a couple of cocktails, but the atmosphere there were a bit sad due to the closing, so we decided to continue our evening at Malt House a little further down the street. I’ve never tried Abita beer before, but Mende talked so warmly about the strawberry brew that I had to try one.

Of course a night like that was doomed to end in blurry selfies and tequila shots. But wait! Just when I thought the night was over, Sue convinced me to join her for a late night/early morning visit to The Kunjip, which is open 24 hours. We completely over-ordered, so even with our new, tequila-fueled appetite, we couldn’t finish half of it, so we gave up and finally decided it was time to hit the subway. What a night!

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