NYC: Roof Garden Cafe at The Met with Poul

by Sanne
Roof Garden Cafe at The Met, New York

After an hour of complete relaxation on the grass in Central Park, we walked over to The Met (The Metropolitan Museum of Art) to look at the art and have a drink at Roof Garden Café.

The museum is a truly wonderful place, and even though I’m not particularly into art, I always enjoy strolling around the cool corridors with the high ceilings. It’s usually the impressionist paintings, which makes me stop and makes me wonder, but I’m also fascinated by the ancient Greek sculptures.

We made our way to the Roof Garden cafe before the after work crowd had finished work, so the rooftop was almost empty. For a short while, we could therefore pretend that we had our own private rooftop terrace on Upper East Side. Wouldn’t be too bad:)

Read my other blog post about another nice vist to Roof Garden Cafe

Roof Garden Café at The Met,  The Metropolitan Museum of Art, 5th Floor, (via the elevator in the European Sculpture and Decorative Arts galleries), Only open May – October and only when the weather permits

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