NYC: Chelsea Market and Friedman’s Lunch

by Sanne
Friedman's Lunch, Chelsea Market New York

Last week I promised not to expose you to any more Times Square photos, at least for a while, but food  pictures, on the other hand…I didn’t say anything about that:)

The apartment we rented in New York was only a few minutes walk from Chelsea Market, which is a true paradise when it comes to lunch options. The old biscuit factory used to be the home of the production of Oreos, but today, it houses a myriad of small specialty shops and lunch places.

Whether you feel like oysters, pizza or maybe a cupcake, I’m sure you’ll find a place that suits your tastebuds. Right in the Meatpacking sweet spot, Chelsea Market is not a cheap place to eat. On the other hand, the general standard is high and you’ll find lots of organic, healthy and vegan alternatives.

One of the places we fell in love with was Friedman’s Lunch. Most people, who’ve studied economics (and a large fraction of those who haven’t), would recognize the reference to Milton Friedman’s famous quote (“there’s no such thing as a free lunch”), and this was also, what made ​​me curious in the first place.

The lunch wasn’t free, but solid and tasty. I had fish tacos with lots of cilantro, crispy vegetables and breaded fish, and Tina had a giant burger, which came with an enormous pickle.

After lunch we really wanted to go to Fat Witch Bakery and try some of their famous brownies, but after conquering the fish tacos and the burger, there were no room left for even the smallest brownie, so we went back to the apartment instead.

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Friedman’s Lunch, Chelsea Market, New York

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