NYC: Eyelash Extensions at Ebenezer

Ebenezer Eyelash Extensions, 7th Avenue, New York

Ebenezer is a chain of salons specializing in high quality, Korean-style eyelash extensions. They are more expensive than other salons, but I’ve always been very happy with the result, so I don’t mind paying more.

Be aware that Ebenezer strive to make the lash extensions look very natural, so if you want lashes a little more wild-and-crazy than what nature has given you, make sure you communicate that clearly during the preceding lash-consultation.

The lash extension takes around an hour and a half, and during the time, you also get a quick massage of your hands and feet.

For an additional feel you can add a gel eye mask to your treatment. This is one of the masks that you can buy at any pharmacy or beauty store, so maybe it doesn’t make much sense to pay a higher price at the salon. Though it really moisturizes the area under your eyes and makes you feel invigorated and energized after the treatment, so sometimes I choose to add the mask to my treatment anyway.

After the treatment they will ask you if you want them to apply a special mascara for a fee. The mascara makes the lashes stay in shape, and makes them last longer, so I always choose that add-on.

Though one of the things I like about Ebenezer is that they don’t try to upsell or push you into buying stuff or services that you don’t want. Except for the eye mask and the mascara application, I’ve never been asked to buy anything extra, which is really nice, because I don’t like coming to a salon and spend half of the time saying no to all sorts of additional offers (Ole Henriksen Spa in LA, I’m looking at you).

There are several Ebenezer salons in New York, and the most well-known is probably the one in Koreatown. Though I prefer the salon on 7th Avenue. They’re usually less busy and you can often get an appointment on the same day if you call in, which is great for people like me who suck at planning ahead. I think I’ve been there more than 10 times through the years, and after a few really bad experiences at other places, Ebenezer is now the only place in the world that I go for eyelash extensions.

Last year, I had my sister Trine with me for an appointment. After we both had our lashes done, we were talking with the nice staff members and I told them that Trine was my sister. Though they must have gotten it wrong, because the next time I came in for an appointment, I’m greeted with the usual “Hi Sanne, how are you?” followed by “How’s MOM?”. It took a while before I understood, and then I burst into laughter, explaining that Trine was my younger sister. The woman behind the counter looked so embarrassed but I just couldn’t help laughing.

Ebenezer is one of the best places to get lash extensions in New York, and I can highly recommend the salon on 7th Avenue. If you go, you can always say hi to the staff from me and my mom:)

Ebenezer Eyelash Extension, 474 7th Avenue, 6th Floor, Garment District, New York. Tel: +1 212 967 1301

Price: Depends on the type of lashes you want. I usually pay around 120USD + tips for mine.

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I don’t spam! Read my privacy policy for more info.

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