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NYC: Things to do in Koreatown

by Sanne
Koreatown, New York

Koreatown, or K-Town, is a fun neighborhood in Midtown Manhattan. The area is smaller than Chinatown, but the selection of stores and restaurants is sufficient to get that real Korean feel, at least for an afternoon. Here are my suggestions on things to do when visiting K-Town in New York:

Miss Korea in K-Town, New York
Miss Korea in K-Town, New York

Eat Korean food

There are lots of casual Korean restaurants in K-Town and the choice of food at most of the places are rather similar, both in terms of price and taste. I usually end up at Miss Korea, but that’s primarily because I like the nice and stylish décor. There’s also a branch of the popular BCD Tofu House, which I haven’t tried yet, but the LA branch of the restaurant is really nice. If you like Korean dumplings (mandus) then make sure to stop by Mandoo Bar, and for vegetarians, Hangawi is a must.

My friend April’s guide to the best Korean restaurants in Manhattan

My guide to my favorite Korean restaurants in New York City

Mandoo Bar, Koreatown New York

Get an eyelash extension at Ebenezer

Ebenezer is the place to get your lash extensions in New York City. I’ve been there several times, and I cannot recommend that place enough. They’re rather pricey, but the result is always great, and if you’ve had a full set of lashes done, you can come back for a refill at a reduced price.

Read my blog post about lash extensions at Ebenezer

Paris Baguette in K-Town, New York

Eat a cronut at Paris Baguette

The K-town branch of Korean bakery chain Paris Baguette is always busy, and if you’ve tried their pastries, you know why. My favorite is the custard-filled cronut. The matcha latte at Paris Baguette is also a must-try. It’s creamy, foamy and very sweet.

The Face Shop in Koreatown, New York

Shop K-Beauty products at The Face Shop

The Face Shop’s products are affordable and usually get the job done, and I love the extensive selection of facial masks with ingredients I’ve never heard of before. This is where K-Beauty junkies get their fix on Manhattan.

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