NYC: San Gennaro and Da Nico – Little Italy

by Sanne
San Gennaro, Little Italy, New York

San Gennaro is an annual festival centered around Mulberry Street in Little Italy. The festival started as a way for the Italian immigrants to celebrate Italian traditions and heritage, but through the years, the festival has reached far beyond the Italian community. Nowadays, the 2-week event is said to attract more than a million visitors each year, which makes it one of the biggest street festivals in New York City.

We had dinner at Da Nico, which is a place known for its prominent patrons (regulars include former mayor Giuliani). It’s been a very long time since I last dined in Little Italy. The area is very touristy, which unfortunately shows in the food standards and the service at certain restaurants. Luckily, Da Nico turned out to be a nice exception.

I had a seafood linguine which was perfectly executed and tasted terrific. I asked for a glass of red wine, but I forgot to specify, that I wanted a house wine. The wine was really good, so I was a little worried about the price tag. Turned out that glass was only $8. I should visit Little Italy more often.

> For more information about the annual event, visit San Gennaro’s website

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