NYC: Sockerbit – A Swedish candy shop in West Village

by Sanne
Sockerbit, Swedish candy, New York City

When I’ve been away from Denmark for a longer period, one of the things I miss the most is that salty licorice available in any Danish candy store, but almost impossible to find outside Scandinavia.

Unfortunately, I’ve never been in New York long enough to get any serious salty licorice cravings. However, that didn’t stop me from entering the Swedish candy store Sockerbit in West Village the other day, but then, who needs an excuse to sample a little Swedish lösgodis (pick-and-mix candy) anyway?

Swedes and Danes have very similar preferences, when it comes to candy, and we love all that really sour and salty stuff, which most other nationalities don’t seem to get. The Swedish pick-and-mix candy stores therefore usually look like the Danish ones, although they tend to have a larger selection and prices are generally lower.

I’m very bad at this pick-and-mix thing, as I can’t make up my mind. I just pick and pick and end up with a 1kg bag. This was also the case, when I was first let loose in the Sockerbit store.  I’m trying to cut down on my sugar intake (aren’t we all?), so while still in the store, I decided to give the candy bag as a gift to my Danish friend, who lives in New York, and who do not have regular supplies of salty licorice.

Though, while riding the metro, I really REALLY wanted one of those bottle-shaped, powder-filled candies, so I carefully opened the bag and…oh! The seal broke! Busted!

Hello, I’m Sanne, and I’m a candy addict…

Sockerbit and the High Line – A day in Meatpacking District

Sockerbit, 89 Christopher St, West Village, New York

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