NYC: Spritzenhaus with Tina and Ike

by Sanne
Spritzenhouse in Brooklyn, NYC blog

After Smorgasburg, I met with my high school friend Tina and her husband. They recently had a kid, baby Ike, and it was the first time for me to meet him. You know I’m not really a kid’s person, but Ike was cute. He didn’t cry at all, during the time we spent together. He was just laughing and drinking a lot of milk.

Williamsburg has really changed a lot recently. From being strictly hipster, Williamsburg now seems to attract more and more young families and compared to our last visit to Spritzenhaus, there were significantly less tattoos and hipster beards and significantly more baby carriages. Maybe it’s the hipsters growing up, maybe rent has gone up?

I had a Michelada, which has recently become one of my preferred summer drinks, and the one they make at Spritzenhaus is excellent. We didn’t have anything to eat at Spritzenhaus, but decided to go for pizza at a place close to Tina’s place instead.

It was really nice to see Tina again, but also very different from our usual get-togethers, now that she has a kid. In the old days, we would drink red wine and party until the wee-hours. One time I was close to missing my flight because Tina and I were out in Fort Greene. Did I blog about that?

Anyway, this time we had pizza at a family-friendly place, and called it a night at 10pm. Though Tina is a really cool mom, and Ike is lucky to have such a nice family.

Spritzenhaus, 33 Nassau Ave (at Nassau and Guernsey), Greenpoint, Brooklyn New York