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New York: The High Line on a cold December day

by Sanne
The High Line, New York

The High Line is a super cool park located on an old railroad track, The High Line, in Meatpacking District. I love the striking contrast between concrete, railroad tracks and untamed nature, and the park is one of my favorite places in the city. The High Line integrates so well with Meatpacking’s raw, urban appearance, and you really feel the city creeping under your skin. This is the essence of everything I love about New York.

Last Sunday, it was one of those gloomy winter days, and the air was dense with big city melancholy. If I were an artist, I would probably have found it very inspiring, but I’m not, so instead, I dreamt about how wonderful it would be to relax on one of the park’s sun beds on a hot summer afternoon with a glass of ice-cold rosé.

We almost had the park to ourselves, probably because it was so cold, so we went for a long walk along the track. Even though it’s not so elevated you still have a nice view from above, and I had to stop all the time to take photos. I could have stayed up there forever, but at the end, the cold winter weather also got to us, and we returned to our warm apartment.

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