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NYC: Bibimbap Lunch at Her Name is Han

Bibimbap Lunch at Her Name is Han, New York City Blog

After getting my lashes done at Ebenezer, I went for lunch at Her Name is Han, which is a popular Korean restaurant in Koreatown. There was a 30-minute wait, so I went for a walk around the block and, when I was back at the restaurant, they had a table ready for me.

For lunch, Her Name is Han offers a selection of set menus. They are all served with a small selection of banchan (small side dishes), as well as rice and soup, and for $17-18, it’s a really good deal.

I chose the set menu with vegetable bibimbap, which was just what I wanted that day. Bibimbap is a classic Korean dish with rice topped with different kinds of vegetables, a raw egg yolk, gochujang (red pepper paste), and sometimes meat. You mix it all together before eating it, and even though I think my bibimbap mixing technique is quite solid, I’m always told by my Korean friends that I do not mix it enough.

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Her name is Han, 17 E 31st St, Midtown, New York

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