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NYC: Dear Irving with Ana

by Sanne
Dear Irving, New York City bar

When we were roommates, Ana was my tapioca mama, feeding me delicious Brazilian food all the time. Though after I went back to Dubai and Ana moved in with L, we tend to meet for drinks instead of home-cooked food, and last time I was in the city, Ana suggested that we went to Dear Irving in Gramercy.

There is no signage outside revealing that there is a bar here, and Dear Irving definitely feels very speakeasy-ish. They go all in on crystal drapes and vintage furniture, and the opulent decor gives the place a very Great Gatsby vibe with a promise of decadent fun that makes you want to drink champagne on a weeknight.

Apparently, the semi-private booths and the stunningly decorated rooms are where you want to be, but we had our cocktails in the bar, and it was not a bad choice either. The bartender was really cool and after telling him what we were after, he suggested a couple of drinks that he thought we would like. I am not good with names (not even cocktail ones) so I cannot tell you the name of our drinks, but it was probably something fruity but not too sweet with a base of bourbon or gin, as this is what we would typically go for.  A really nice bar with really good cocktails.

Dear Irving, 55 Irving Place, Gramercy, New York

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