NYC: The Deconstructed Latte at Coffee Project

by Sanne
Deconstructed Latte at Coffee Project, New York

As I walked by Coffee Project in East Village, I saw a couple sharing what seemed to be a line-up of coffee cocktails. It looked too good to ignore, so I stepped inside and ordered whatever that couple was having.

Turned out to be a Deconstructed Latte consisting of a glass of espresso, a glass of milk, a glass of ordinary (reconstructed?) latte and a glass of sparkling water. The staff told me to drink the sparkling water first to clean my mouth. Afterwards, I should drink the glasses in the following order: Espresso, milk and latte. I could eat the biscuit, which also came with the coffee, when I wanted.

Espresso is usually too strong for me, but this one had a smooth, almost chocolatey, flavor. After gulping down the milk, I was left with the same taste in my mouth, as if I had been eating coffee ice cream. Yum! Furthermore, the individual shots of milk and espresso worked to fine-tune my taste buds, so when I was drinking the reconstructed latte later, the flavors really popped out.

I also had a canelé, and is it me, or are they everywhere these days? Not that I mind, because  I’ve really developed a taste for the cute French pastries with the caramelized crust and the sweet, gooey core. Coffee and canelés are a perfect match and the canelés at Coffee Project are super delicious. I would have liked to stay longer (and maybe have a canelé or two more), but the cafe was closing, so I finished what was left of my reconstructed latte and left with strong intentions to come back again soon.

Coffee Project, 239 E. 5th St, East Village, New York

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