NYC: Dinner at Ehsan and Elena’s new place

by Sanne
Elena's homemade soup
Elena’s homemade soup

Ehsan and Elena just moved to a new place in Midtown East, and the other night, they had invited me over for dinner. Ehsan and I know each other from university in Sweden, so before the dinner, he brought out different Swedish snacks from IKEA for old times’ sake. Can’t believe we’ve known each other for 14 years, but I’m so happy we’ve managed to stay in touch.

The appetizer was a delicious vegetarian soup and as main course, we had oven-baked steaks with tomato crust. For dessert, I had picked up some pastries at Supermoon Bakeshop, which is a hip, but tasty bakeshop in Lower East Side, but when it was time for dessert, we were all so full that we only had a small bite of the matcha croissant.

The fourth dinner guest was one of Ehsan’s old friends. That poor guy had gotten food poisoning after eating a piece of bad salmon the day before, and during the dinner he made numerous runs to the bathroom. It was so bad, that at a point, it looked like he was going to vomit in the soup, but somehow, he managed to endure the entire dinner AND keep up a conversation about international loans and prevention of money laundering. A hardcore topic for a dinner party, and you can probably imagine that my contribution was very modest, but it’s always fun to learn something new. I was therefore listening closely (I was!) until I managed to change the subject to something more down my alley (“so let’s talk about croissant toasts, shall we”). It was really nice to see Ehsan and Elena again, and we promised each other to do this again soon.

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