NYC: In the mood for MoMA and strawberry tart at Terrace 5

by Sanne
MoMA, New York

I’ve never considered myself much of an art person, but I’ve always found myself magically drawn towards certain museums around the world with MoMA in New York and Reina Sofia in Madrid as my all-time favorites. Apparently, modern art is my thing, and even though I’ve only recently reached a point, where I’m able to distinguish the works of the biggest artists on a good day, I enjoy the learning process.

I’ve been to MoMA many times, and I’m starting to recognize the pieces in the collection. They’re like old friends greeting me, as I walk in. Sometimes they have a new secret to tell, other times, they remain quiet. Especially if I’m feeling stressed, it takes me a while to tune in, so the other day, I spent almost an hour just trying to get in the mood. At the end, I gave up and went up to Terrace 5, the café on the 5th floor. It’s a very nice place, and it’s also great for homesick Danes, as the furniture and some of the tableware is Danish design.

The café is overlooking the sculpture garden, but the tables outside were all full, and I didn’t want to wait. I had a strawberry tart and hibiscus iced tea, which was just what I needed, and after a while, I was ready to continue my MoMA tour. I stayed there for 5 hours, which I think is a new personal record, but that also included a visit to the bookstore and fierce negotiations with myself on whether to get that beautiful, but expensive and very heavy, art book..

MoMA, 11 W 53rd St, Midtown, New York

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