NYC: Stand Up Paddle Boarding on Hudson River

by Sanne
SUP Hudson River, Manhattan Kayaking + SUP, New York

After a cozy brunch on the 4th of July, Ehsan suggested that we all went down to Hudson River to try SUP (Stand Up Paddle Boarding). He’s a member of Manhattan Kayak + SUP, so he could bring a guest (his girlfriend Elena) along, and his friend Esther could also bring a friend (me). SUP is something I’ve wanted to try for a long time, so I was immediately up for it, I just had to go back and get my gym clothes.

Manhattan Kayak + SUP is down by Pier 84 right next to The Intrepid (you can read my blog post about The Intrepid here). From Hudson River you have the most amazing view of Manhattan’s skyline, so it’s easy to get distracted. Besides, SUP looks easy as pie. I mean, how hard can it be to just stand on a board? I thought I was doing quite well, so I probably got a little reckless, and before I knew, I went down with a splash, head first. I quickly made my way back on the board but the rest of the time, I was more careful.

Later on, it got a bit windy, and several times, those sneaky waves which were forming along the sides of The Intrepid, took me by surprise and almost threw me off the board again. Since the board is moving with the water, you need to look out all the time and be aware of what is coming your way. It takes coordination as well as concentration, and you use all your core muscles to keep the balance. I got painfully aware of that the following day, when my entire body hurt.

Manhattan Kayak + SUP, Pier 84 Boathouse, New York. A one-year membership at Manhattan Kayak + SUP is $150/month with a 12-month commitment, but you can also book individual classes. If you’re visiting New York and you’re looking to do some sightseeing off the beaten path, Manhattan Kayak + SUP also offers kayak trips for beginners.

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