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Osaka Bakery – Japanese bread in Phnom Penh

by Sanne
Osaka Bakery, A Japanese bakery in Phnom Penh

Yesterday, a friend of a friend introduced me to Dr. Midori Kotani. She is an extraordinary woman who, in addition to being a leading researcher within her field in Japan, has also just opened a Japanese bakery in Phnom Penh.

The bakery teaches disadvantaged young people in Phnom Penh the skills of Japanese bread baking, and the project is funded by Midori, who is an avid baker herself.

Japanese bread is white and soft, and the flour used for baking the bread is a particular kind of extra fine wheat flour that you cannot find in Cambodia. Midori therefore imports the flour from Japan, so you get the authentic Japanese flavor that everybody, who has visited a bakery in Japan, would most definitely recognize.

Currently, Osaka Bakery only makes sandwiches, and the customers are primarily business that order catering for events. I was offered two sandwiches with egg salad and meat, and they both tasted like a little bit of heaven. I think it is such a nice project and I am looking forward to following the bakery in the future. I am sure that they will be very successful.

The bakery will soon move to a new location:

Osaka Bakery, #95CEO,st. Sothearos, sangkat tonle basac, khan chamkarmon, Phnom Penh

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