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Phnom Penh: Giant potatoes with palm syrup

by Sanne
Potatoes with palm syrup, home-cooking in Phnom Penh

I had noticed the giant potatoes which were sitting around in a basket in Kanary’s kitchen, and I was wondering what they were used for. I found out the other day when The Grandma invited me for potatoes with palm syrup.

The big potatoes are of a species that I was told you can only find in Cambodia and not in the neighboring countries Thailand and Vietnam. It is white inside, and it is not sweet but tastes like most potatoes in Denmark, that is, not of much, but they are delicious dipped in palm syrup. 

Palm syrup can only be made during dry season, and The Grandma usually buys a lot at a time. When stored correctly, the palm syrup can last for a very long time, but to prevent the syrup from going bad, you must use a clean spoon everytime you take syrup from the pot. 

I had never tasted palm syrup before, but it was so delicious. It tasted like caramel or dulce de leche, and I just could not stop eating it. I wish I had more space in my suitcase, so I could bring some home.

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