NYC: Otto’s Tacos – Tasty tacos in East Village

by Sanne
Otto's Tacos, New York

Otto’s Tacos is an awesome, LA-style taco shop in East Village and I just can’t get enough of the small, but generously loaded tortillas. My favorite is the carnitas taco ($3.00) with slow-cooked pork and green salsa, but the shrimp taco ($3.50) with creamy Serrano sauce is also highly recommended.

The tortillas are made daily from scratch, and you can see the tortilla-machine in action behind the counter.I suggest that you order at least 2 tortillas to start with, if you’re after more than just a snack, but remember to save enough appetite for the churros, which you must promise me to order for dessert. The churros are short and fat and served piping hot. They come with a dulce de leche dipping sauce, which is so good it will most definitely leave you with a smile on your face.

You can also get imported Mexican Coke ($2.75) at Otto’s Tacos. It looks like any other Coke, but it’s made with real cane sugar and some people think that it’s tastier than the American one. There are café tables outside and bar seating inside, but Otto’s Tacos is not really a place where you hang out for hours, and even though I could eat their delicious tacos all day long, Otto’s Tacos is probably best for lunch or late night snacks.

Otto’s Tacos in East Village opened back in 2013, and apparently, they are doing good because recently, another branch opened in West Village. I haven’t tried the one in West Village yet, but it’s on my list.

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Otto’s Tacos, 141 Second Avenue (between St. Marks Place & East 9th Street), East Village, New York

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