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Phnom Penh: Cheese tea at Heekcaa

by Sanne
Cheese tea at Heekcaa, BKK Phnom Penh

Cheese tea just sounds too weird, so I had actually decided that it was one of those things that I could live happily without, but then I got a voucher through Grab for a free cheese tea at Heekcaa, and I can’t say no to free stuff so I went to give it a try.

Heekcaa is a Chinese chain known for cheese tea, but in Cambodia they also serve other kinds of tea. Though my Grab coupon was only valid for cheese tea, so I took it as a sign that cheese tea and me were finally meant to be.

Cheese tea is iced tea topped with a thick layer of cheese. You can get cheese tea with all kinds of tea, but the cheese is usually cream cheese of that kind that tastes more like cream than like cheese. Most places sprinkle salt on top of the cheese, which gives the drink a very unusual flavor that some people find highly addictive.

The whole idea is to mix cheese and tea in one sip, which is why you should never use a straw to drink your cheese tea, as it would only allow you to sample either tea or cheese. Instead you drink it straight from the glass from a 45° angle that will ensure the optimal mix of cheese and tea.

It did not taste bad, but the mix of flavors and texture was a bit strange and I am not sure it is something I would order again. Though one should never say never, and if you have read my blog for a long time, you will know that for many years, I found bubble tea absolutely disgusting. Today I drink bubble tea several times a week, so who knows? Maybe it just takes a little time before I get hooked on cheese tea:)

Heekcaa BKK, Street 306, BKK, Phnom Penh

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