Phnom Penh: Rum night at Samai Distillery

by Sanne
Rum night at Samai Distillery in Phnom Penh

Samai is Cambodia’s very own rum brand, and every Thursday night, the distillery in Tonle Bassac transforms into the city’s coolest rum bar. The distillery is only open on Thursdays which gives the venue a sense of exclusivity, like a hidden club for the initiated only. The people who find their way to Samai are mostly expats and locals of the more well-heeled, well-dressed kind.

I had a Tasting Flight which is a selection of their most popular rums. Samai is particularly known for Kampot Pepper Rum, but I liked the Golden Rum and the Spiced Rum better. All of the rum types I tried could be enjoyed on their own, but they also worked out well in mixed cocktails, especially the fruitier ones.

The rum night at Samai coincides with the barbecue night on Bar 21, and the two places are just a short walk from each other, so many people start the evening with Australian beef barbecue at Bar 21 and continue with rum drinks at Samai. Highly recommended!

Samai Distillery, #9b, Street 830, Tonle Bassac, Phnom Penh

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